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The unexpected meeting between glass and Fashion Week

By 7 March 2022April 20th, 2022Unclassified

The famous and young Spanish fashion designer, Arturo Obegero, has contacted the Compagnie du Verre for a project that does not lack originality. For its new collection entitled « euphoria », Arturo had imagined a garment made only of pieces of glass, previously collected on the beaches of his childhood. The project, unveiled on June 26, 2021 during Fashion Week, was the subject of an unprecedented production, combining millimetric precision with la Company’s always perfect manufacturing quality.


The stages of production of the glass tank top for Arturo Obegero


  • Collection of glass polished by the sea on different beaches of the world.
  • Drilling of the glass pieces by diamond drill with a sprinkler system to avoid any thermal shock.
  • Then assembly of the pieces by the artist to create the desired tie and dye effect.

Besides the beauty of the garment, our main objective in collaborating with Arturo Obegero was to highlight and therefore draw attention to the critical state of our oceans, as eco-responsibility is one of la Compagnie's major commitments. It is worth noting that a collection of depollution has been implemented to collect one by one the pieces of glass that have been polished by the se

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