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À propos de la Compagnie du Verre

Les applications du verre au service du design, de la décoration et de l’architecture

Our workshop

Installed in a workshop in Aubervilliers, less than a mile from Paris (Porte de la Villette) La Compagnie du Verre undertake all traditional techniques of cold glass work - sandblasting, abrasion, engraving, serigraphy, plating and gilding. Our work can transform interior design and architectural plans including partitions, ceilings, floor, showcases and also doors, railings, banisters, mirrors and windows.

More than a job ours is a craft of passion

We can answer all questions about glass and we can work to any level from feasibility through fabrication to assembly and installation. We offer our knowledge and skills to enhance our unique and wonderful glass products.

We have only one ambition: to make sure that our work is safe, that it is handmade to the highest standards and that the finished product is perfect.

Our work is cold working glass, which allows all dimensions, even large. The other kind of works, for instance hot-working, are made by subcontractors whose quality and excellency has been proved.

Working on glass

Everyone knows that glass is fragile. It can't be handled like other materials because it can't be repaired, or it can be repaired badly. Glass is a subtle and demanding material, and we have to respect draconian manufacturing and application rules to transform it successfully.

Glass is a singular, sometimes unreal material, thanks to its many assets - its ability to play with light, its transparency, etc. - and the wide range of effects that can be applied to it. It magnifies, transforms, highlights, erases, transmits, emphasises - in other words, adds life to the décor. Its uniqueness also means that it can be used to create resistant structures, and it combines perfectly with other materials.

Of course, this unique material requires flawless workmanship and perfect mastery of technique. This is the price to pay for its incredible capacity for expression.

A story of encounters

It was in 2017 that Thomas Arnal (who is Artistic Director of Compagnie du Verre), who trained at the Ecole Boulle, decided to leave the Atelier Bernard Pictet, where he had learnt all the steps involved in working with glass. After seducing his friend Philippe Massé with a workshop project, who, together with Thomas and a few shareholder friends, set up an ambitious structure that went beyond the framework of a simple workshop, and he took over the presidency.
So it was an eclectic duo (a communicator and a craftsman) who embarked on the adventure, with one major aim in mind: to bring to life a glass company dedicated to the very top end of the market, respecting French tradition, perpetuating exceptional know-how and, lastly, acquiring the expertise to meet every demand.
In 2019, the team will be strengthened by the arrival of Antoine Baudouin (Thomas's cousin), who, as Sales Director, will help to put Compagnie du Verre into orbit.

Tailor-made service.

Whatever your type of project, however original or complex, whatever its scale, if you become a customer of Compagnie du Verre, you will always be considered unique.
Compagnie du Verre has built up a reputation for responsiveness and agility among the major groups and private individuals who call on us. It is entirely at the service of its customers.
It systematically carries out an in-depth study of the feasibility of the projects submitted to it, both for manufacture and for implementation (installation, fitting, assembly, etc.).